The Partners

This is a new partnership but all partners have 

  • experience of working on projects at transnational and / or international level 
  • have been involved in the development of MLEARN since April 2012. 
  • been / are involved in either teacher training and/or ICT training with schools or with other types of learners using handheld technologies or lap tops. 
  • experience in using e learning. 
  • experience of research
  • experience in developing curriculum and training programmes, accreditation
  • strong alliances with other schools and teacher training organisations

The consortium reflects Jan Hylen’s (UNESCO -2012) “Turning on Mobile Learning in Europe” report’s 4 levels of activity geographically across the EU, highlighting major disparities

  • Level 1 - UK alone in taking comprehensive nationwide steps in mobile learning beyond those funded by the EC:
  • Level 2 - 16 Western European countries where most activity using hand-held mobile learning has benefited from EC finance (Italy and the Netherlands)
  • Level 3 - Estonia, France, Greece, Lithuania, Malta, and Poland just taking preliminary steps 
  • Level 4 - Belgium, Luxembourg, and Romania having shown little or no progress to date. 

The partnership specifically includes at least one partner from all of the four levels.


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