Centrul Pentru Promovarea Invatarii Permanente (RO)

CPIP is a Romanian NGO that has worked in the area of Lifelong Learning since 2005. CPIP's main objective is to promote lifelong learning through all relevant stakeholders. This is done by taking part in diverse European initiatives and then mainstreaming results and products developed into regional activities.

CPIP is part of European and national networks focused on adult education training and has conducted meaningful projects in:

  • social welfare and marginalized groups;
  • social responsibility as part of two national networks;
  • regional development by working in health and safety for agricultural sector and in training rural developers.
  • SME development through collaboration with SME supporting bodies and by developing tools for integration of mobility workers.

So far CPIP has worked on projects dedicated for the reintegration of inmates, with focus on minor and young offenders. We feel it is a natural step to start developing activities for the young exposed to criminality before they enter the penal system.

We bring into the partnership the “inside” perspective of youngsters trapped in a vicious circle of relapse, and use it as a preventive tool. In our region in Romania the gang related crimes are low but are starting to appear as a reaction to the lack of social alternatives. This project will bring tremendous innovation to specialists that are now facing new situations and need new intervention tools. It is the perfect moment to counteract this problem, as the level is still manageable.

Role in the project

  • To collaborate to identify existing responses to gangs and gang culture;
  • Community consultation and community audits in communities where gangs and gang crime is significant in each country;
  • Consultation with all those working in this field including “professionals” from the public, private and third sector alongside volunteer community activists and gang members;
  • To collaborate to develop content and structure for the VET programme which can be used for both CPD and within vocational training contexts;
  • To involve human resource to training teachers and trainers from a range of different providers on how to deliver the training programme;
  • To translate into Romanian the contents and common interface of the platform, manuals, etc.

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