Fondazione Mondo Digitale - FMD (IT)

Fondazione Mondo Digitale - FMD ( is a non-profit Foundation founded by the Municipality of Rome and 5 ICT companies. It works for an inclusive knowledge society by blending innovation, education, inclusion and fundamental values. Its mission is to promote social learning, social innovation and e-inclusion, with special attention to categories at risk of social exclusion. FMD promotes the inclusive use of new technology in different sectors: Education for life, Educational Robotics, Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity, Social Innovation and Young Entrepreneurship and Integration of migrants & Refugees. It promotes didactic innovation through the use of new technology in schools and digital literacy of elders via an intergenerational and peer learning approach since 2002.

FMD Headquarters are located at the Città Educativa in Rome (, a center of best practices and social innovation including the first FabLab in Rome. FMD operates at local, national and international level with an action-research, development and implementation programmes combining theoretical academic work with the development of tools and projects for community building.

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